Academy Plus


Boys & Girls

Ages 5 & UP

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Morning classes / The entire gym devoted to your child's level and amazing class structure.

We offer MOM.POP & TOT (walking to 3 yrs Parent assisted)

TINY TUMBLE (ages 3/4)


Boys In Action SPORTS

Ages 5 and up

This class is sports specific training. They will be doing a variety of moves, conditioning, agility work, strength training and cardio. This will be great for any BOY who has a ton of energy to burn, any BOY who needs to get stronger for their sport (soccer,football,baseball,basketball etc)

Gym/Dance Combo Classes

This is a class of 1/2 gymnastics and 1/2 basic dance. Fun for every level

Ages 3/4 -  5/6

Boys In Action

Ages 5/6 - 7 & up Beginner through Advanced gymnastics skills on vault, rings, floor, tumble trak,p- bars, conditioning, and much more 


CHEER PREP/Competition Team

Tiny Tumble - Boys & Girls

Ages 3 and 4 years

Girls Gymnastics


Beginner / Advanced


Ages 5/6 - 6/9 - 10 and up for each level

Total Tumble- co-ed classes

Ages 6 & up Beginner through advanced

this class is for anyone wanting to learn basic

to advanced tumbling skills.  Great for getting ready for cheer any age.

Mom, Pop & Tot - parent assisted class

This class is where the parent will go on floor with child and assist in helping and connecting with your child. Great bonding time for parents.

Walking to 3 years